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Care is in our nature

Beautiful wood and great craftsmanship are at the core of our company’s DNA. How we use, maintain, protect, and refine the wood was and still is the most important part of our continuous success.

For many years, wooden stairs, flooring, and furniture were the focus of the product line, however, over time, maintenance, oil, lacquer, and cleaning became part of the business.

In 2004 we became an independent company, specialized in environmentally friendly wood care under the name WOCA Denmark A/S. WOCA naturally stands for Wood Care.

Made in Denmark

Today we have a wide range of products for care, maintenance and protection of both stone-, textile, nonwood and wooden surfaces, for indoor as well as outdoor.

At the same time we deliver tailormade solutions within color, finish and look to the furniture and flooring industry etc.

All our work and production take place in Lunderskov, Denmark and we take great pride in being a recognised, Danish brand exporting to more than 60 countries worldwide.